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Twenty-one years ago, Nick Morris, was completing an eight year tour of service with the US Army. Upon entry into the civilian world he decided he wanted to learn how to bartend.  He called around to the different schools and chose to meet the girl with the New York accent, Monika.  Monika was an instructor at the school.  When she interviewed Nick to find out why he wanted to become a bartender he said, "to meet women of course."  After attending the school, his plan worked when he decided that Monika was the one for him. Nick and Monika began dating and shortly thereafter they began Tenders Beverage Catering together.  One thing led to another and before they knew it they were in love. 

With the demand for bartenders, San Diego-based Tenders grew each year by word of mouth.  Referrals for bartenders for hire poured in.  Nick and Monika have been married for fifteen years now and have two very precious children.

They are both very blessed to be able to work from home so they can raise their children together. After a few years, Nick decided to follow his passion and began working as a photojournalist. They both quickly realized that Nick was very good pointing and shooting a camera. He has since started his own business,
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Today Nick is a very talented, and versatile photographer and photojournalist.  His portfolio includes weddings, portraits, editorials, commercial works, fashion, and photojournalism.   He and Monika still work their businesses together.  Their children are a little older now and now and then they will have them help with the set up of events.
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